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Question from user: What's the use of pheromone perfumes for men, if women don't get aroused by us?

 Molecular structure of Androstadienone, pheromone that is widely documented to have a very specific effect on the brain activity of women.

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Pheromones are naturally excreted chemicals from human bodies since the primitive days when attractions are from a man's health, strength, and offsprings' quality, and all those came from the signals of his body.

Over time, our social interactions have evolved from using signs and scents to language, attire, dressing, etiquette, and even how we look. As much as the presence of pheromones are still around, the flirting process becomes more complex as we know who and what we want, and the same goes for ladies.

Women are constructed in very different ways from men, and this is something important that we need to know. A woman in her ovulating stage can attract any men she wants, if she's open-minded enough, because her body will be excreting copulins - a sexual pheromone signalling her need to mate to produce offsprings. Most men would jump at the first opportunity to copulate with her, no matter how she looks like, because hey, we're talking about men here. 

Whilst for women, they need to be impressed, be assured, dominated (for women who feels sexy being told what to do), and many more needed to be done by men for them to start feeling something, then it'll start to progress into something sexual from there. It takes hardwork and self improvement for a man to know how to successfully bring a woman from the bar to bed. One very important thing all men needs to know is this: most if not all women don't get turn on by the sight of penis. Men do at the sight of breasts. That's very different already.


Pheromone perfumes bring back what most of us lack - pheromones that prove our strength, status, confidence, and dominance. With the right conditions in place, a male user of Alpha Male perfume brings to women his confidence they will be impressed with, his dominance that women will feel submissive to, and the strength and capability of this man who would be taking care of their offsprings if they were to have sex and give birth to children. This is the primitive part of humanity that has yet to be erased from the basic needs and wants. The sense of reliability every women needs.


But that's all pheromone perfumes can bring you to. The rest of the show - hooking up, chatting with them, flirting with them, and till the end, bringing them to bed, will be up to the man's performance. Think about how a man in suit who looks extremely handsome to ladies would fare if he was to brain vomit, dig his nose, spit nonchalantly in front of women, or slipping his hands into his pants to reposition his center tool in the eyes of the public.

He'll be screwing up his own show.

That's exactly the limitations for pheromone perfumes. They can show a man or woman the door, but the user has to walk through it himself/herself. Pheromone perfumes that are formulated for sexual purposes such as CoPassion and OverHeat do make users and people around them feel sexually attracted, or sometimes - depending on the sex drive of individual - aroused. But users also have to also understand this reality:

They can be horny, but that does not mean they'll need to have sex with YOU.

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