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5 Ways Women Screw Up Their Seduction

We – or rather, the society – are so caught up with thinking of ways for men to learn a thing or two in the art of attraction, we have forgotten that in the course of it, we’ve also neglected women, who are just as confused as men in the world of seduction. Despite knowing that they have the upper hand – oh come one, women know how to use their looks to seduce – compared to their counterparts of the opposite sex, some are trying hard not to accept that they somehow, failed to use their advantages (read: looks and figure) into good use.

What makes a woman cry foul when the man she’d been trying to catch the attention of failed to approach her after an evening of wait? We are not good carriers of bad news, ladies, but if there is a leaf out of a book titled “Ways Women Screw Up Their Seduction”, you may want to keep it good in your purse for your reference. If there is a thing we could request you to do, it’ll be your state of denial. Throw that away and listen for a little bit. You ready? Ok, good.


Your expressions are not engraved. Unless you’re suffering from inability to control your facial expressions, you have control over your face, and that being said, we’re trying to remind you to be mindful of how you look.

It doesn’t matter how much make-up you’ve put on, or how hard you’ve tried to make your face looks prettier than your good friend whom you’re jealous with for being a better men-magnet than you, you look too cold for men to even want to talk to you if you’re cold.

And you’re very wrong if you think that’ll attract the Alpha Males to you. Because simply Alpha Males have no lack of women to go after, just like how you think you have no shortage of men coming after you. If you think you are filtering the betas so you’ll have higher chance to hook up an Alpha, think again.

Alpha Males, because of their confidence in themselves, do not waste time on women who can’t express themselves. Trust us when we say this: the cold mask that you put on to attract is very good indicator of your inability to communicate effectively. Alphas don’t go for that. They go for their equals.


If you have a friend who is habitually loud, no matter the place you’re in, and you love her no lesser than you love yourself, congrats! You’ve understood friendship better than anyone else.

But if you’re in a place where you’re trying to know more men, or – to stick an arrow into where you’re trying hard not to show that it hurts – trying to hook up, whoever is loudest is the representative of your group’s social behavior.

Alpha Males come from a sophisticated breed; they do not approach women with their eyes closed. They’re prideful, and they take careful steps to ensure little to no decline in their chances.

Having a loud friend helps in creating 2 (or more) scenarios in his head:

  1. You’re just like your friend, and that’ll be a turn off
  2. Your friend will cock block him

Believe us, either one WILL happen.


You’d managed to get him to speak with you, and now you’re talking. He asks about you, and he listens. Sounds good, isn’t it?

But don’t get your expectations too high yet. Asking more about you is one of the skills alpha males are good at, and as much as that will make you feel comfortable chatting with him, it should not get you on to cloud nine yet. Conversations should be two-way traffics, and it’s only polite to give him a chance to speak to impress you.

Brains of alphas are super computers; they run the algorithms when you speak, and if you show to him that you can get all emotional after a night of actions, you can be sure that the man is not going to start hurting this lady who is not emotionally strong enough for his culture.


We know – some of us can be socially awkward, and that’s where we have to start acknowledging it and improve ourselves.

You had a good drink, and you managed to avoid everything we’ve advised you against, and now he’s in front of you, chatting. He asks questions about you, and you answer him thinking that you’re great and all. After all, you’ve not shown any signs of dependency and clinginess. Then he grabs his drink and put it to his mouth. Few seconds of silence followed as he puts down his glasses, and you’re thinking, “now what?”

Whatever you’re going to say, don’t let it be a vomit. Think before you speak. Your potential date knows if you are brain vomiting, and that’ll make him think if it’ll be this odd for the rest of the night. “I’m lactose intolerant” is not a good sentence to break the ice.

If you have to say something, ask him questions he’d asked you. Or a sentence that has been proven useful all the while:

“Tell me more about you”


HAH! Surprise! Didn’t think that’ll hinder your chances, did you?

If there is one thing we could let all women know, that’ll be this: what you're wearing is hindering your attractiveness.

Women possess the most powerful organ in the world, and you bet that powerful organ is your hole-haa. Not only is it capable of creating life, it brings pleasure to you, your man, and it excretes the holy women-exclusive pheromone that makes men do your bidding: COPULINS.

Copulins not only blocks a man’s ability to judge your attractiveness, it raises testosterone levels in them, making them want to mate. During this time when their brains are filled with sperm, they do what makes them think increase their chances of releasing them, such as buying you a drink, or be the funny man that makes you laugh.

Your holy organ excretes the copulins, and disperses them through your panty into the air. If you’ve had your boyfriend resting his head on your laps with his face facing the middle of the leg, you can be sure that’s because the undetectable scent of copulins are attracting him on a sub-conscious level. It’s a man controlling pheromone that only women have, and we’re not going to talk about how you can use copulins to control the mind of your man/men. (note: do NOT attempt to spray CoPassion into the penile duct of your man. We’re not liable for stupidity)

Wearing pantyliner not only blocks the dispersal of copulins into the air, it also put your hole-haa at risks of infection and nasty smell. If you like to have your man going South, then keep it dry and clean. Pantyliner is going to keep your panty dry, but not your tool.

Jeans or pants of thick materials block the dispersing of copulins, so if you’re going for a night of fun, go with a skirt, wearing nothing, or a thin panty under. You’ll see the magic.

Not only do copulins have effect on men, women are also affected by the exposure of copulins. It makes them feel sexier, and in turn able to embrace their sexuality better. Furthermore, who can resist the feeling of cotton rubbing on your buttons?

Women’s bodies release the highest amount of copulins during ovulation, so if you are a natural scheduler, you’ll know when it’s a good time to go have fun. Products like CoPassion are formulated to help women increase the level of copulins around them, and if the time is not on your side, try applying them on your neck, or cleavage, and watch the magic happens.

You are given powerful weapons by mother nature; why not put them to good use?

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