Make Women Use These Pick Up Lines On You

Make women use these pick up lines on you, by using our perfumes, of course!

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Use of Sweat-Scented Hankies In Courtship- Pheromones in Play

Pheromones have been in use long before they were discovered, and this sentence is not to prove that they exist, because they do. Rather, do you know that sub-conscious attraction through the use of pheromones had been in use since the 19th century? 

In Europe during the 19th century, clean handkerchiefs would be worn by men under their arms - you're not reading it wrong, we're talking about armpits - during dancy soiree they'd be attending in order to find the woman they'd marry. The purpose of it is to capture their sweat in the small pieces of cotton one would normally use to wipe off perspiration. 

And wiping off perspirations they did with the handkerchiefs, but not themselves. 

When a man found himself interested in a woman, he would use that handkerchief that had been tucked under his arms soaking his sweat to wipe off the poor lady's sweat on her face.

Sounds weird, huh? Using a sweat-soaked handkerchief to wipe off a woman's sweat. We thought so too. 

Nevertheless, it was how they showed their interest, and how it had been working effectively. It was said that girl would find the scent irresistible, and fall in love with him (madly). 

In the same era in Austria, women from the the rural areas would attend dances to find the man they wanted to start a family with. Before attending the dance, they would slice up apples, tuck them in their armpits, and went for a night's fun with the apples under their arms.

After enough exposure to their natural, salty, excretions, they would then feed the men they like with the apples soaked with their sweat. Men who accepted their love would proceed to chew up the slices of apples before swallowing, presumably after sniffing the sweet scent of the women. Hey, women can't smell bad, right? 

It was recorded that eating a slice of apple soaked with a woman's sweat was so alluring, a nobleman was very attracted to a woman of a lower status. 

Olfactory business is here to stay, baby!

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It has been reported many times in the past few decades how pheromones affect women's mood. Researchers say the odorless pheromones found in male perspiration can have a dramatic effect on both a woman's mind and body. A new study found exposure to male pheromones can boost a woman's mood and stimulate the release of a hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle.

The test involved women between the ages of 25 to 45. 

Each of the women received three applications of the underarm extract during the six-hour evaluation period, followed by three doses of exposure to ethanol (alcohol) over another six-hour period. The women reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during exposure to the male pheromones extract. 

Researchers also found that exposure to the male pheromones also prompted a shift in blood levels of a reproductive hormone calledluteinizing hormone. Levels of this hormone typically surge before ovulation, but women also experience small surges during other times in the menstrual cycle.

SOURCE: Biology of Reproduction, June 2003. News release, University of Pennsylvania.

Read more about the report from webMD here.


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Latest Feedback On OverHeat Pheromone Perfume and Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume

“I’m in my 30s, and I deal with many women in my work. One day, I had Alpha Male and OverHeat on me. An attractive lady in her 50s came to where I work.

She was wearing a deep V top that showed a lot of her cleavage.

While speaking with me, her hands were on the center of her bra, tugging, and also cupping and squeezing her breasts! All the while standing very near me. Tell me that’s flirting!"
- OverHeat and Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume User;
Regular customer of Andy Lawson
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Quora Question (Answered): What do I tell a girl when I want her to be my girlfriend?

Question originally asked on Quora titled: What do I tell a girl when I want her to be my girlfriend?

Let me take your question "What do I tell a girl when I want her to be my girlfriend" in literal context. You are asking for ways to ask the girl to be your girlfriend when you want her to be. The key word is "what". Before I go into that, let me help you do a check on the status. Think of me with a mirror helping you look behind youself.

I would hope to know that you're already at the stage which both of you are ready. By that, I mean you've been on dates, or at least, some flirtations have been going on, and both giving and receiving has been optimistic.

One important thing I want you to know as a man is this: to be a great partner or lover, one has to know how to respect women. That's the utmost important thing, and the very minimum a man has to know and do.

An effective way to find out if she's into you will be touch. No, I'm not referring to being touchy-feely. Not that kind of touch where you'll stroke your palms down her back with your eyes staring at her with a creepy smile.

I mean to say touch her wrists. Tell her you like the watch (or bracelet) she's wearing. Hold, but not grab, her hands while you ask her questions about that timepiece. Hold on to her hands gently even after you have finished speaking. Check for her pull backs. If there's none, you have a chance.

Pay attention to her shoes. That's one of the areas men neglect. Show her you are attentive to details about her. Pick up her fork if she drops it in the restaurant, and ask for another from the wait staffs before she raises her hand.

Show dominance, decide for her in someways, but not in aggressive manners like dictating what she should do. Respect her. Show her that you're confident, and assure her that she'll be well taken care of if she's yours. Stand straight with your chest out. Speak strong, but not loud. Show her you're dependable.

The fact that you are asking how to ask a woman to be your girlfriend somewhat shows that you need a little boost in the confidence department. No worries about it though - everyone can learn to be in time.

But the golden question is: HOW DO YOU BRING THE TOPIC TO HER?

If you are certain that you've cleared what you need to do, if she's not pulling herself away from your touches, and she's laughing at your jokes no matter how lame you think they are, trust me, she's at least 65% into you. Then the question you should ask her, in total discretion (no, no. I'm not referring to hotels or anywhere sexual. That's the last thing you'll want her to feel. Parks would be good), would be - not conclusively a "question for all", but good to grab some ideas from - this:

"I like your company, and I love sharing everything with you. I'm comfortable with you, and I hope that it's the same on your side. I think, to be fair to me and not you, because it'll be in time to come, I think I would love to love you. I wonder if you'll want to give me this opportunity to be exclusively yours, and you, exclusively mine."

Prior that question above, you may want to consider bringing her to ride some roller-coaster, if she's a thrill seeker. BUT NEVER CONSIDER THIS IF SHE HAS A WEAK HEART!

Bringing her to ride a roller coaster will release a hormone called Phenyl ethyl-amine. The same hormone when one feels love. By riding a roller coaster, she'll release the said hormone that mimics love, and it'll increase your chances. The ambience when the question is asked, such as the darkness and romance often felt in parks, increases feeling of love. That'll help.

If you are not a user of pheromone perfumes, then you could use your natural scent. Wear clothes that are comfortable and permeable. Unless you have BO (you'll need a deodorant if you do), I would suggest you pop that question after a day out with her - your perspiration accumulated would increase the presence of your pheromones, and it's a subtle attraction.

The negative side is if you are more of a beta male and less of an alpha, she could sense it, and you're left with one "weapon" lesser.

Good luck!

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13 Steps to Be the Sexy Guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be

There are lots of things that attract women, but the most impressionable trait that hooks women is a guy’s sexiness. Here’s how you can pull that off.

13 Steps to Be the Sexy Guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be <<-- Click here

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Do pheromones really attract men?

Question originally asked on Quora titled: Do Pheromones Really Attract Men?

There are 2 camps to this question that has been asking by people around the world for the past decade (or two), and even though both sides have been trying to seek evidence, we know that evidence is as clear as the magnet's attraction force - nobody can see anything, but we know because we feel the force. 

It's very much the same with pheromones - we can't see a thing, nor can be find any literal evidence proving any effects. Yet, the literal presence is there for us to find out. The molecular structures have been understood, and the presence of them in various discharge from our body.

The first question - as someone who always believe that there is a reason for every thing that is present - I would urge you to ask is this: 

If pheromones are not suppose to work, why would mother nature give us the biological function to excrete them? 

I have been dealing with pheromone perfumes long before I am selling them, and since it's very much one-sided, I shall not share what I have experienced. Well, anyone could have point their finger at me shouting "PLACEBO!"

But let me share some stories of what many partners of female pheromone users have shared with me. Basically boyfriend and husband of female pheromone perfume users, since we're on the subject of whether pheromone perfumes affect/attract men.

One I would always put in the first story to tell is this:

1) A female user of pheromone perfume bought a bottle from us, and was excitedly sharing with her husband on how it was supposed to work. The husband, being somewhat cynical yet interested to know more (we figured he was thinking of using it himself for some attraction purpose). That first evening the husband sniffed the perfume and couldn't find what was special. In the course of it, he applied some on his wrists before going to bed. 

Later in the night, as told to us by the two of them, the husband was sub-consciously grabbing the hands of his wife, putting them to his nose and sniffing it. Sub-conscious. Not knowing what he was doing. 

Then as the night progress into the morning, he had a wet dream, and he soiled his underwear. Note what I have been trying to tell you: it's sub-conscious. He didn't know what was happening as he was sleeping, but his biological mating instincts kicked in, and he had a orgasm while asleep. 

In case if you are curious, yes, he's our customer now.

2) A test-user of our female pheromone perfume (we arranged for a man to test our female perfumes, because we wanted to know how the formulations for women would affect men) reported women on the streets were prettier than he would visually see them to be. That's because our perfume he was testing was formulated to block men's ability to judge a woman's look. 

Without the hindrance of looks' judgement, women appear more attractive to men in mysterious ways no one would be able to comprehend. And yes, he was having a boner whole week (it was a week long test)

3) A 10 year old couple thought of using pheromone formulated perfumes for their inter-relationship seduction, because things were going so dull. And so they did - they each got perfumes for sexual seduction. 

2 weeks later, the man reported that he found his wife more attractive, and he was always ready to do things that'll touch his wife, while the wife reported that her mood had been good whenever she's around her husband. Their frequency of sex increased, and their relationship surely did. 

Effects of pheromones can be disputed, but the results cannot. Placebo can happen on individuals, but not the person out of the user. 


Yes, pheromones DO attract men. But if you are talking about attracting someone out of your already-intimate circle, there are more things that you need to be aware of what you need to use and do in terms of attraction. Supposedly you are a woman talking about attracting a man, and not man and man.

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You’ve gotten her number, and secured a date with her. You know it was never a problem for you to do just that. You’re an Alpha. You know what you want, and you take charge.

But what’s going to happen after? Are you going to meet again? Or are you even going to progress to somewhere more than a dinner and a movie in the same evening? Will a second date be possible?

Multiple first dates that lead to nowhere are tiring, and we know that. And we are not going to allow things to take their nature courses, because we are the ones who create them. It’s in our hands, and we do what we’ll have to in order to secure a second date.

So what do you have to do to put yourself in her list of “to-call” instead of the list “hell no”?


We cannot stress this enough, and no, in case you are wondering, it’s more than just pheromones that we are talking about.

No woman wants to be near a man who smells like Parmesan cheese. If you don’t have the habit of showering often, then do it at least before the date. Covering your body with perfumes instead of showering will only make you the sour milk that has been in the cabinet for the past decade, so don’t.

Put on your best clothes. Google is your friend if you are weak in the dressing department. Boost yourself with few sprays of ETCH Pheromone Perfume (coming soon. Stay with us!) or Alpha Male, and you’re good to go.


Women are circuit boards – it takes many connections in their senses to turn them on. No man should forget this: a brilliant conversationalist strikes the best impressions.

It helps to have some opinions of your own as you speak with her – it shows that you are someone with your unique point of view in life. Being witty adds points to the game, but we are not telling you to throw your feelings in her face about how you feel victimized by your boss at work. That makes you a pussy that women abhor.

Whiners don’t win, and Alphas don’t whine.

Ask her questions about her job, her hobbies, and keep her talking. You don’t have to worry about being one sided, because women are good at conversational continuity. If you find yourself engaging in a conversation with only you talking, at least you know it’s either a) she’s shy, or b) she’s not from the same wavelength as you. Ask her straight up if you think it’s the earlier.

If the later is the case, know that even securing a second date isn’t going to be fun.


This shouldn’t be on the list, because you should already be nice with or without a date to impress. If you are not, time to be.

She’s watching your moves, checking out who you really are underneath that smart attire and weirdly attractive scent. If you are nice to people around you, including wait staffs, she’ll know how sweet a person you are. That’s impressive.  


High risk, yet yields great results if you play your cards right.

We’re not suggesting that you should get touchy-feely – you’re asking for a slap in your face if you do (and if your date is not comfortable with that).

Touchy, yes. Feely, let’s leave that out. And by touchy, we’re not saying you should rub her arms with your palms to appreciate the smoothness of her skin.

Occasional touch – non-sexual, accidental ones – are sensual. During movies, walking down the streets, or even through dinner, get close to her until the point where your arms are brushing, are exciting. Discreet grazes can build unthinkable tension in her, and that’s what you want her to feel – anxious and excited without knowing how to react. If she doesn’t squirm, you’ll know that your scorecard is looking good.

Remember not to overdo it though. Too much and you’ll be the creepy pervert she’ll not answer calls from.

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10 Ways to Seduce Your Man In Seconds

You put on your CoPassion Perfume on you, don the best piece that you're confident in being the magnet for his eyes. You are wearing very thin panty under the dress, and you're ready.

You're going for a night of fun with him.

Won't it be nice if you are able to seduce him as you dine, and feel the rush in you as you both anticipate the naughty play that'll follow? has some very effective ways that'll help you score your points, and it's good to learn more. Check them out here:

10 Ways to Seduce Your Man In Seconds

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5 Ways Women Screw Up Their Seduction

We – or rather, the society – are so caught up with thinking of ways for men to learn a thing or two in the art of attraction, we have forgotten that in the course of it, we’ve also neglected women, who are just as confused as men in the world of seduction. Despite knowing that they have the upper hand – oh come one, women know how to use their looks to seduce – compared to their counterparts of the opposite sex, some are trying hard not to accept that they somehow, failed to use their advantages (read: looks and figure) into good use.

What makes a woman cry foul when the man she’d been trying to catch the attention of failed to approach her after an evening of wait? We are not good carriers of bad news, ladies, but if there is a leaf out of a book titled “Ways Women Screw Up Their Seduction”, you may want to keep it good in your purse for your reference. If there is a thing we could request you to do, it’ll be your state of denial. Throw that away and listen for a little bit. You ready? Ok, good.


Your expressions are not engraved. Unless you’re suffering from inability to control your facial expressions, you have control over your face, and that being said, we’re trying to remind you to be mindful of how you look.

It doesn’t matter how much make-up you’ve put on, or how hard you’ve tried to make your face looks prettier than your good friend whom you’re jealous with for being a better men-magnet than you, you look too cold for men to even want to talk to you if you’re cold.

And you’re very wrong if you think that’ll attract the Alpha Males to you. Because simply Alpha Males have no lack of women to go after, just like how you think you have no shortage of men coming after you. If you think you are filtering the betas so you’ll have higher chance to hook up an Alpha, think again.

Alpha Males, because of their confidence in themselves, do not waste time on women who can’t express themselves. Trust us when we say this: the cold mask that you put on to attract is very good indicator of your inability to communicate effectively. Alphas don’t go for that. They go for their equals.


If you have a friend who is habitually loud, no matter the place you’re in, and you love her no lesser than you love yourself, congrats! You’ve understood friendship better than anyone else.

But if you’re in a place where you’re trying to know more men, or – to stick an arrow into where you’re trying hard not to show that it hurts – trying to hook up, whoever is loudest is the representative of your group’s social behavior.

Alpha Males come from a sophisticated breed; they do not approach women with their eyes closed. They’re prideful, and they take careful steps to ensure little to no decline in their chances.

Having a loud friend helps in creating 2 (or more) scenarios in his head:

  1. You’re just like your friend, and that’ll be a turn off
  2. Your friend will cock block him

Believe us, either one WILL happen.


You’d managed to get him to speak with you, and now you’re talking. He asks about you, and he listens. Sounds good, isn’t it?

But don’t get your expectations too high yet. Asking more about you is one of the skills alpha males are good at, and as much as that will make you feel comfortable chatting with him, it should not get you on to cloud nine yet. Conversations should be two-way traffics, and it’s only polite to give him a chance to speak to impress you.

Brains of alphas are super computers; they run the algorithms when you speak, and if you show to him that you can get all emotional after a night of actions, you can be sure that the man is not going to start hurting this lady who is not emotionally strong enough for his culture.


We know – some of us can be socially awkward, and that’s where we have to start acknowledging it and improve ourselves.

You had a good drink, and you managed to avoid everything we’ve advised you against, and now he’s in front of you, chatting. He asks questions about you, and you answer him thinking that you’re great and all. After all, you’ve not shown any signs of dependency and clinginess. Then he grabs his drink and put it to his mouth. Few seconds of silence followed as he puts down his glasses, and you’re thinking, “now what?”

Whatever you’re going to say, don’t let it be a vomit. Think before you speak. Your potential date knows if you are brain vomiting, and that’ll make him think if it’ll be this odd for the rest of the night. “I’m lactose intolerant” is not a good sentence to break the ice.

If you have to say something, ask him questions he’d asked you. Or a sentence that has been proven useful all the while:

“Tell me more about you”


HAH! Surprise! Didn’t think that’ll hinder your chances, did you?

If there is one thing we could let all women know, that’ll be this: what you're wearing is hindering your attractiveness.

Women possess the most powerful organ in the world, and you bet that powerful organ is your hole-haa. Not only is it capable of creating life, it brings pleasure to you, your man, and it excretes the holy women-exclusive pheromone that makes men do your bidding: COPULINS.

Copulins not only blocks a man’s ability to judge your attractiveness, it raises testosterone levels in them, making them want to mate. During this time when their brains are filled with sperm, they do what makes them think increase their chances of releasing them, such as buying you a drink, or be the funny man that makes you laugh.

Your holy organ excretes the copulins, and disperses them through your panty into the air. If you’ve had your boyfriend resting his head on your laps with his face facing the middle of the leg, you can be sure that’s because the undetectable scent of copulins are attracting him on a sub-conscious level. It’s a man controlling pheromone that only women have, and we’re not going to talk about how you can use copulins to control the mind of your man/men. (note: do NOT attempt to spray CoPassion into the penile duct of your man. We’re not liable for stupidity)

Wearing pantyliner not only blocks the dispersal of copulins into the air, it also put your hole-haa at risks of infection and nasty smell. If you like to have your man going South, then keep it dry and clean. Pantyliner is going to keep your panty dry, but not your tool.

Jeans or pants of thick materials block the dispersing of copulins, so if you’re going for a night of fun, go with a skirt, wearing nothing, or a thin panty under. You’ll see the magic.

Not only do copulins have effect on men, women are also affected by the exposure of copulins. It makes them feel sexier, and in turn able to embrace their sexuality better. Furthermore, who can resist the feeling of cotton rubbing on your buttons?

Women’s bodies release the highest amount of copulins during ovulation, so if you are a natural scheduler, you’ll know when it’s a good time to go have fun. Products like CoPassion are formulated to help women increase the level of copulins around them, and if the time is not on your side, try applying them on your neck, or cleavage, and watch the magic happens.

You are given powerful weapons by mother nature; why not put them to good use?

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