What Our Pheromone Perfumes Users Say

"I didn't try it before. My friend suggested me to try. He bought it from you. He told me is[sic] easier for him to communicate with his wife now"

- Q**, Alpha Male

"Pheromone perfume. I love it. It's affordable, it can be use in any social gathering. It's like a booster for confident and self esteem. I noticed more friendly and closer approaches from people and some friends suddenly become flirty and conversation and attention do last longer"

- Ms Lam, Alpha Female 

"A colleague is acting a bit different with me and its freaking me out"

-F***, Alpha Male

“This is crazy. My wife applied her Alpha Female pheromone perfume before bed one night, and I had no idea. That night, I couldn’t sleep, because I was so aroused, and all men know this: we couldn’t sleep with a sexually aroused mind. Seeing her sleeping soundly, I did not want to wake her up, so I tried going back to sleep. After a while, for the first time in many years, I had a wet dream, and messed up my bed, shorts, and sheets. I’m 40 years old this year.”

-Mr and Mrs John, Alpha Male and Alpha Female

"I bought Alpha Male Pheromone last month. The purpose of buying this perfume was because I was interviewing for a new job, and I thought I wasn’t a guy confident enough to secure that job. After having Andy explained to me what pheromone perfumes could do, I decided to grab a roll-on and try it. Now I have a new job, and I find myself more confident. Life is changing, and now I’m sexy in the eyes of ladies!"

- H***L, Alpha Male user, Carousell Buyer

"Keep me posted alright. I love your product. Getting more soon. Thank you."

- Carousell buyer, Alpha Male

"I jumped on my husband the night he had OverHeat on him. Don't ask what happened next. We were both late for work the next morning!"

- Wife of OverHeat test user

"Men should get away from CoPassion. Seems like all women are attractive!"

- CoPassion test user, male.

"I reli feel gd... So far alpha male n female blends well in bed I shld say... we reli shocked of the outcome" [sic]

- Alpha Male and Alpha Female users

I have been a user of Alpha Female, and all was great, until the launch of CoPassion. Don’t get me wrong; Alpha Female is a great product. It makes me a confident woman. But there IS a difference between the 2. CoPassion’s scent is, to me, more seductive, and stronger. And the best thing? I’ve become a head turner on the streets! *P.S: I don’t think I’m a looker.

- Jean, Alpha Female & CoPassion user

“I’m in my 30s, and I deal with many women in my work. One day, I had Alpha Male and OverHeat on me. An attractive lady in her 50s came to where I work.

She was wearing a deep V top that showed a lot of her cleavage.

While speaking with me, her hands were on the center of her bra, tugging, and also cupping and squeezing her breasts! All the while standing very near me. Tell me that’s flirting!"
- OverHeat and Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume User;
Regular customer of Andy Lawson