It has been reported many times in the past few decades how pheromones affect women's mood. Researchers say the odorless pheromones found in male perspiration can have a dramatic effect on both a woman's mind and body. A new study found exposure to male pheromones can boost a woman's mood and stimulate the release of a hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle.

The test involved women between the ages of 25 to 45. 

Each of the women received three applications of the underarm extract during the six-hour evaluation period, followed by three doses of exposure to ethanol (alcohol) over another six-hour period. The women reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during exposure to the male pheromones extract. 

Researchers also found that exposure to the male pheromones also prompted a shift in blood levels of a reproductive hormone calledluteinizing hormone. Levels of this hormone typically surge before ovulation, but women also experience small surges during other times in the menstrual cycle.

SOURCE: Biology of Reproduction, June 2003. News release, University of Pennsylvania.

Read more about the report from webMD here.


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