About Us

We started from a small page selling pheromone perfumes in a web-based community site, and quickly grew to become the go-to account for many pheromone perfume users in SIngapore.

Sadly, that did not last long - pheromone perfumes were, and still are, marketed as sexual products that did not get much approval from concerned parents around the globe. We had to move out of the comfortable platforms and set up something to call our own.

Our humble friendship with our partnering laboratory in USA got us started, not as a pheromone perfume seller, but as a pheromone perfume distributor. Our target of distribution was China, and talks had been underway, when unforeseen hiccups happened that had us stuck with samples of pheromone perfumes.

We just wanted to get them off, really. So we started selling them at community platforms, and all was out in 2 weeks. Yes, the responses shocked us a little. The demand was too high for us to ignore, and very soon we found ourselves communicating with our friends in the lab to formulate more types of pheromone perfumes for our enthusiastic customers here.

In the past, shipment usually don't last more than a day, as the waiting list was always growing. Every shipment's quantity didn't seem to be able to fulfil all of our customers. We are still trying hard (catch the pun!) to please everyone who wants a bottle of our perfume. We have now better our logistical planning, and are working around the clock to ensure every customer gets to use our products.

In the perfume territory, our formulation belongs to the Parfume level, so you are paying less for more. Our formulations contain no heavy phthalate (chemical that brings out perfumes' heavy scent) that will cause harm to your sense of smell, and in turn protect your endocrine and reproductive system. That also means our perfumes do not have the toxic chemicals that bring out the strength and staying power like many commercial perfumes. Our perfumes are also concentrated - you'll know the difference when you feel it. 

ANDY LAWSON is a company founded in Singapore, and also the brand name for all our pheromone perfume lines. We work directly with a branded USA pheromone perfume laboratory, formulating the best pheromone blends for us. Our close working relationship with the laboratory and our sales without distributors also mean lower price for all end users.

With so many pheromone perfumes in the market, what makes us stand out? 

Well, we tripled our shipment quantity in our first month of sales, just to cater new, returning, and the fast growing group of Andy Lawson perfume users. Let us get a little idea on the growth. 

With our pricing and quality, if not us, who else?