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The Scent of Pheromone Perfumes: Nice vs Funny, and the culprit behind

There'll always be two responses to people who use pheromone perfumes:

"Hey, it has a nice scent"


"The smell is not for me"

Often times, we'll wonder, as pheromone perfume sellers, if a product has failed - in both the expectations and acceptance departments. But let us face it: what smells nice to one may not be the same for the other. Everyone's taste for nice smell is different, and that's why we are seeing so many different types of colognes in the scent market. Though it's not enough reason for us to not look into it, we have to understand that it's going to take time to cater to users of different tastes.

Then there's another group - the group that can detect pheromones. 

Pheromones, though scentless to many, can still be detected by some people, and when they do, they'll find that it is "musky", "funny", or to some, "smelly". 

That's also why pheromone perfumes are formulated as perfumes - to let users enjoy the benefits of pheromones in forms of perfumes that are supposed to smell nice, instead of putting on something that may be smelly to them. After all, what's Alpha Male going to help in increasing confidence when you find no confidence to wear it? "Will I be smelly funny to others?" will be the question going around your head instead of "Hey, I'm awesome". 

Still, we can be sure there will be users who'll be concern over the funny scent of pheromone perfumes - and trust us, perfumes formulated with real pheromones contain that scent - and wonder if it'll help or hurt them.

As a responsible pheromone perfume brand in Singapore, you can be sure it's our utmost concern to look into this. After contacting many of our customers, friends, and relatives, and after months of discussions with our internal team members who are using Andy Lawson perfumes, tons of recording and analysing, we pretty much single out the main reason behind the word: WEIRD.

So what is it?


Molecular structure of phthalate

Of all customers who find our pheromone perfumes weird or nasty, there is one common thing about them, and that is all of them are heavy users of commercial perfumes. Many countries do not require the indication of phthalate in their ingredients list, and we are all exposed to it unknowingly. Where and what is this chemical? Here's something that we want to share:

Presence of phthalate

- Personal care products

- Most (up to 70%) commercial perfumes: to delay the scent of perfumes and increase the lifespan of scents on bodies

- Cleaning products

- Plastic food packagings

- Toys

- Nail polish (yes, we have some female customers who are manicurists. Imagine their exposure to it)

- Paints

- and more

Effects of phthalate exposure

- Disrupt endocrine and reproductive system

- Drop in libido

- Decrease sense of smell: the reason behind the inability to detect the scent in many perfumes, and the main reason why we have to increase our perfume applications because we just "can't smell them anymore"

- Decrease testosterone levels

- Unnecessary weight gain

- Increase risk of diabetes

More information regarding phthalate can be found here:

Back to us. So what did we try to find out? 

We did a week-long (7 days) test on phthalate, and we found for one time exposure to commercial E.D.Ts, we lost the ability to smell the scent in our perfumes, and we were able to detect pheromones for the next 4 days. Imagine what's happening to long time users of commercial E.D.Ts and E.D.Ps. We have not touch on Parfum users yet. 

Considering the exposure of many of our customers, it's getting clearer to us why it's that group that think pheromone perfumes smell "funny".

The crucial question is, do Andy Lawson Pheromone Perfume contain phthalate? 

Answer is, gladly, no. But that's where we lose out in the competition. Our perfumes' scent don't stay on as long as we hope they will be, and so re-applying will be needed if scent is what we're going for. 

But that's also what we're giving you - the sense of assurance that our products are not going to give you any drop in libido, nor decrease in testosterone. Come on, our products are formulated for seduction, and what good is it going to do for you if you don't have the effective biological systems required for the actions to follow? 


We have no conclusion to this, to be honest. It's not tightly regulated, and it's everywhere. What we can advice is: if you're a heavy user of perfumes with lasting scent, perhaps you'll want to consider cutting down your usage, or give your nose some days a week to recover.

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