The Scent of Pheromone Perfumes: Nice vs Funny, and the culprit behind

There'll always be two responses to people who use pheromone perfumes:

"Hey, it has a nice scent"


"The smell is not for me"

Often times, we'll wonder, as pheromone perfume sellers, if a product has failed - in both the expectations and acceptance departments. But let us face it: what smells nice to one may not be the same for the other. Everyone's taste for nice smell is different, and that's why we are seeing so many different types of colognes in the scent market. Though it's not enough reason for us to not look into it, we have to understand that it's going to take time to cater to users of different tastes.

Then there's another group - the group that can detect pheromones. 

Pheromones, though scentless to many, can still be detected by some people, and when they do, they'll find that it is "musky", "funny", or to some, "smelly". 

That's also why pheromone perfumes are formulated as perfumes - to let users enjoy the benefits of pheromones in forms of perfumes that are supposed to smell nice, instead of putting on something that may be smelly to them. After all, what's Alpha Male going to help in increasing confidence when you find no confidence to wear it? "Will I be smelly funny to others?" will be the question going around your head instead of "Hey, I'm awesome". 

Still, we can be sure there will be users who'll be concern over the funny scent of pheromone perfumes - and trust us, perfumes formulated with real pheromones contain that scent - and wonder if it'll help or hurt them.

As a responsible pheromone perfume brand in Singapore, you can be sure it's our utmost concern to look into this. After contacting many of our customers, friends, and relatives, and after months of discussions with our internal team members who are using Andy Lawson perfumes, tons of recording and analysing, we pretty much single out the main reason behind the word: WEIRD.

So what is it?


Molecular structure of phthalate

Of all customers who find our pheromone perfumes weird or nasty, there is one common thing about them, and that is all of them are heavy users of commercial perfumes. Many countries do not require the indication of phthalate in their ingredients list, and we are all exposed to it unknowingly. Where and what is this chemical? Here's something that we want to share:

Presence of phthalate

- Personal care products

- Most (up to 70%) commercial perfumes: to delay the scent of perfumes and increase the lifespan of scents on bodies

- Cleaning products

- Plastic food packagings

- Toys

- Nail polish (yes, we have some female customers who are manicurists. Imagine their exposure to it)

- Paints

- and more

Effects of phthalate exposure

- Disrupt endocrine and reproductive system

- Drop in libido

- Decrease sense of smell: the reason behind the inability to detect the scent in many perfumes, and the main reason why we have to increase our perfume applications because we just "can't smell them anymore"

- Decrease testosterone levels

- Unnecessary weight gain

- Increase risk of diabetes

More information regarding phthalate can be found here:

Back to us. So what did we try to find out? 

We did a week-long (7 days) test on phthalate, and we found for one time exposure to commercial E.D.Ts, we lost the ability to smell the scent in our perfumes, and we were able to detect pheromones for the next 4 days. Imagine what's happening to long time users of commercial E.D.Ts and E.D.Ps. We have not touch on Parfum users yet. 

Considering the exposure of many of our customers, it's getting clearer to us why it's that group that think pheromone perfumes smell "funny".

The crucial question is, do Andy Lawson Pheromone Perfume contain phthalate? 

Answer is, gladly, no. But that's where we lose out in the competition. Our perfumes' scent don't stay on as long as we hope they will be, and so re-applying will be needed if scent is what we're going for. 

But that's also what we're giving you - the sense of assurance that our products are not going to give you any drop in libido, nor decrease in testosterone. Come on, our products are formulated for seduction, and what good is it going to do for you if you don't have the effective biological systems required for the actions to follow? 


We have no conclusion to this, to be honest. It's not tightly regulated, and it's everywhere. What we can advice is: if you're a heavy user of perfumes with lasting scent, perhaps you'll want to consider cutting down your usage, or give your nose some days a week to recover.

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How to Charm a Girl into Liking You

Well, we can't tell you exactly how to be the funny guy that women love talking to - after all, it takes many practices to perfect the skill(s). 

But make these your goals though. LovePanky has a good list for you to learn how to charm a girl. Takes some work, but gonna be worth it. 

Some hints here: dab a little Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume below your nose (philtrum) will help increase confidence, and it's pretty good to use when playing the dating game.


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Signs That The Woman Is Into You

It's Saturday evening. You put on your best, shaved, sprayed on your Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume that you're hoping that will help you score tonight, in whichever pub/bar you think has the most ladies to choose from. But you're at the same time, afraid. 

What are the cues I have to catch? Will I know if I'm going forward, or actually going back? Will the perfume help me? Have I applied the right amount I need? Do I need to apply more? Should I use OverHeat?

Relax, gentlemen. We know that hints from women can be very subtle. But, there must be a way to know more, right? 


When a woman comes close to you, she wants attention from you. Think it this way: you won't be standing close to someone, especially someone from the opposite sex, if you are uncomfortable. 

If she's near you, and rubbing her arms on yours, you know you're having a hit.


Nobody - repeat - nobody stares into one's eyes for nothing. Forget about the rules of polite, sincere communications - it gets uncomfortable when we stare into each other's eyes for too long. We look away when eye contacts stay too long, and that's human nature. If she'd looked at you once before you look away, and doesn't look back, she's not interested.

But if, after breaking eye contact, and she's staring into your eyes for longer than it takes to feel comfortable the next time your eyes meet, she's looking into your soul. And chances are high she's interested in looking into your soul. Just pray she's not going to take away your soul, though.

#3 SHE LOOK AWAY (but is still close to you)

This can be contradicting, and hard to notice. But when a woman is standing so near that she's rubbing her arms (see #1) on yours, yet look away, she's interested but nervous. 

A customer of ours had an incident similar to this: she walked up to him, stopped right in front of him but had her body facing the other direction. She was so near that her arms were touching his. Geez. That's sign of flirtation already!

The reason behind her being nervous? Well, our customer had Alpha Male on him. The perfume of dominance. It's only natural for women to feel jumpy; that's because you're sexy.


Most women - we're sorry, ladies, but it's true - aren't good at attracting attention. And when they do try to catch your eye, they can be real cute. Brain vomits or funny gestures, in the sight of no one but you, you know she wants you to look at her.


It's not a proprietary right of men to feel the frustration when things don't go their way. Women do, too. 

If you notice #4 happening, and it took you longer than what she had expected to realise what she was doing, she'll show her frustration to you by being cold to you suddenly. 

A straight drop in her attention? Well, she's into you if there are no other Alpha Male users around you. 


When a woman gets near you, and there are more reasons for her to be away, say, her friends ask for her to join another table, and she chooses to stay with you for reasons such as your table is nicer, she's into you. 

But we're not saying it's that way if she talks to your friend more. She's into your friend in that case.


But that comes with a "I'm just kidding you" if you react with a surprised look. Be cool, boy, be cool. She wants to be respected also. Get her cue, and reciprocate in a relax manner. After all, you're an Alpha, right?

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CoPassion Review From a Male Tester

We were excited to lay our hands on the first bottles of CoPassion and OverHeat when they were first formulated and ready to be tested. We were asked to through using and testing find out what these two long awaited formulations could do. When Andy first handed the roll-ons to me and my wife, all we were told was "CoPassion for Female, man to test. OverHeat for Male, woman to test". 

Wait, what? 

"CoPassion for Female, but it'll be tested by a man, and OverHeat for Male, to be tested by a woman?" I asked to make sure we did not hear it wrongly. 

"Yeah." Andy said without a hint of confusion on his face. "Tracey will test OverHeat, and Ray will test CoPassion."

We did as we were told, never mind how weird it sounded. The next morning, I applied on CoPassion and headed to work, while my wife Tracey applied OverHeat and went on with her day. As much as I was interested to know how CoPassion could do, the smell of Copulins - one of the ingredients in the perfume - was a little weird (not nasty, though) for me to get used to it in the first hour of using. 

My office sits along a walkway with passersby walking up and down, and occasionally, passersby will become our customers, and the alternate name for my office is what usually we would call: shop. 

The first day with CoPassion on me feels...weird? Now, I'll try to be as honest in this review as possible, so please trust me when I say I'm telling the truth. How weird, you ask? Well...


I couldn't believe Andy when he told me one of the effects of copulins was blocking a man's ability to judge a woman's looks. But the first day alone shocked me. 

That's not to say all women appeared pretty. If she's below average looking to average, she'd look average to beautiful to me. Talk about having beer goggles, but I did not drink a drop of beer down my throat at all.

Image source:

It may be placebo - I thought so too. So after 3rd day of testing, I decided to cheat a bit by going without CoPassion for the fourth day. Ok, I swear average = average, pretty = pretty, and I'm not joking here. No judgement elevation. Not wanting to give up, I used CoPassion for the fifth day. Goggles mode on. Damn it. 

I SMS-ed Andy on my finding almost immediately.


To put things into perspectives, I am a pretty nice 37 year old guy who would not hesitate to know what I want, but I would take a step back if I were to say something offensive to anyone. I just don't have the heart to hurt anyone using words or fists. 

During that week of using CoPassion, I spoke my mind more often than I would in, say, 1 month? 

There was even once during the test week that I was speaking with customers until my colleagues had to stop me from speaking further because it was time to go home. Talk about a subconscious raise in testosterone level. I noticed the change only when my colleagues were telling me how good I was at sales recently, and believe me, I'm not a sales man. 


I'm already at the age of 37 - boners should come lesser than when I was in my 20s. But the copulins were messing my mind in a way that...never mind. Just know that I got turned on quite easily. Luckily I was at work - there were many things to distract my mind. But still, that was something I felt messed up about. 


The test formulations we were given were of a different scent from the final product, but still it was pretty pleasant (save for the scent of copulins). Because it came in a 5ml roll-on bottle, I had it with me in my pocket just so I could... yes I know I didn't have to, but still, re-apply when I felt the need to. 

It soon became a habit to unscrew the cap, took a sniff, and cap it back before keeping it in my pocket. The smell of copulins suddenly didn't matter anymore. I didn't know why, but there just was this sudden high when I sniffed it. I then thought it'll be nice to let Tracey use it one night. 

That night, I snucked my nose up her neck many times where she applied the CoPassion just to get a sniff of her scent (the perfume's scent changes when it comes into contact with human's skin, and Tracey had her own signature scent with CoPassion), and man it felt good, emotionally and biologically. I sniffed her neck so many times that it led us to... you know where we "went to".


This perfume kicks ass. I don't know how other pheromone perfumes would fare - after all, I'm not a pheromone perfume user before Andy Lawson Pheromone Perfumes came into the market. But I believe this proprietary formula is something that we shouldn't miss.

Launching July 2015? I'm already in the reservation list!

- Ray, CoPassion test user, male

*Article moderated and edited by Andy before publishing

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Question from user: What's the use of pheromone perfumes for men, if women don't get aroused by us?

 Molecular structure of Androstadienone, pheromone that is widely documented to have a very specific effect on the brain activity of women.

Picture source:

Pheromones are naturally excreted chemicals from human bodies since the primitive days when attractions are from a man's health, strength, and offsprings' quality, and all those came from the signals of his body.

Over time, our social interactions have evolved from using signs and scents to language, attire, dressing, etiquette, and even how we look. As much as the presence of pheromones are still around, the flirting process becomes more complex as we know who and what we want, and the same goes for ladies.

Women are constructed in very different ways from men, and this is something important that we need to know. A woman in her ovulating stage can attract any men she wants, if she's open-minded enough, because her body will be excreting copulins - a sexual pheromone signalling her need to mate to produce offsprings. Most men would jump at the first opportunity to copulate with her, no matter how she looks like, because hey, we're talking about men here. 

Whilst for women, they need to be impressed, be assured, dominated (for women who feels sexy being told what to do), and many more needed to be done by men for them to start feeling something, then it'll start to progress into something sexual from there. It takes hardwork and self improvement for a man to know how to successfully bring a woman from the bar to bed. One very important thing all men needs to know is this: most if not all women don't get turn on by the sight of penis. Men do at the sight of breasts. That's very different already.


Pheromone perfumes bring back what most of us lack - pheromones that prove our strength, status, confidence, and dominance. With the right conditions in place, a male user of Alpha Male perfume brings to women his confidence they will be impressed with, his dominance that women will feel submissive to, and the strength and capability of this man who would be taking care of their offsprings if they were to have sex and give birth to children. This is the primitive part of humanity that has yet to be erased from the basic needs and wants. The sense of reliability every women needs.


But that's all pheromone perfumes can bring you to. The rest of the show - hooking up, chatting with them, flirting with them, and till the end, bringing them to bed, will be up to the man's performance. Think about how a man in suit who looks extremely handsome to ladies would fare if he was to brain vomit, dig his nose, spit nonchalantly in front of women, or slipping his hands into his pants to reposition his center tool in the eyes of the public.

He'll be screwing up his own show.

That's exactly the limitations for pheromone perfumes. They can show a man or woman the door, but the user has to walk through it himself/herself. Pheromone perfumes that are formulated for sexual purposes such as CoPassion and OverHeat do make users and people around them feel sexually attracted, or sometimes - depending on the sex drive of individual - aroused. But users also have to also understand this reality:

They can be horny, but that does not mean they'll need to have sex with YOU.

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About Pheromone Perfumes

It's quite simple - pheromone perfumes are perfumes formulated with pheromones to increase the chances of attraction to the wearers. 

No chants, no spells, no magic wands. Apply, smell, and you're ready. 

Just kidding. You'll need some social skills as well - that's another layer which pheromone perfumes can't help.

About Pheromones

Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. (quote source:

How many types of pheromones are there?


This pheromone is found in both men and women, is predominantly known of as a male pheromone. This is because it typically creates a dominant, intimidating, aggressive aura. Therefore, pheromone products containing this are likely to project an aggressive alpha impression (either alpha male or female), which might help you to be the centre of attention and be noticed more.

Since alpha aggressiveness is often associated with sex and good mate choice, this pheromone can create a sexual vibe and increase sexual tension.

To cause members of the opposite sex to become slightly intimidated by you can be attractive, so this pheromone helps in this regard too. Androstenone has also been known to cause people to act more respectfully and polite to the wearer.


Androstenol creates a friendly approachably impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable.

It seems to be more of a neurotic chatty pheromone than the beta isomer, touching more on empathy and romantic feelings.

Androstenol also creates an aura of youth and health, which can help to create an impression of reproductive fitness, which is attractive.


Androsterone is a human only pheromone. It’s use as a pheromone is born out of the fact that males with a higher ratio of Androsterone to Etiocholanone are more masculine.

Homosexual males have lower ratios of Androsterone to Etiocholanone. Thus, androsterone makes the wearer appear to be more masculine and/or dominant, but without the aggression of androstenone. This pheromone also creates an aura of safety, protection and reliability normally associated with a more peaceful alpha male.

Androsterone also provides the respect of androstenone without the possible negative connotations of the aggressive nature of androstenone.

When worn by women, androsterone has been reported to have mood elevating effects.


This is a pheromone that is widely documented to have a very specific effect on the brain activity of women. One particular study has shown that it affects attention and social cognition areas of the brain. It is also one of the only pheromones that has been shown to stimulate the VNO, and so has been described as a vomeropherin.

Androstadienone, more commonly known as A1, is a very popular pheromone within the pheromone community. One of it’s more remarkable effects is that it can elevate a woman’s mood, and even alleviate PMS stress! It has been known to increase intimacy and comfort, and can also increase caring feelings. It has been called the “love pheromone” because of the nature of the feelings and reactions it induces in women, and also because of it’s usefulness in more cozy relationship situations.


Copulins are an exclusively female group of pheromones. There are secreted into the vagina at the optimum ratios during ovulation with the aim of encouraging men to desire to copulate.

This group of pheromones primarily consists of fatty acids that would serve little to no function on there own, but in combination they have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study).

This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. It is said that once a man smells Copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive.

Typical reactions from Copulins will be consistent with male indications of interest.


This is supposedly the female equivalent to androstadienone, but it’s availability is even less than that of androstadienone.

Like androstadienone, it stimulates the VNO. It may also have some mood elevating properties in men.

(Information source:

How do we use pheromone perfume?

Using pheromone perfumes should not be different from using any other perfumes - it's pretty much apply and go. But our advice to users is to apply pheromone perfumes on areas with higher body temperature, such as pulse points behind the ears or below the neck.

The heat from body will help disperse the pheromones in the air.

Do not rub them after application - you'll only damage the pheromones. 

Can we still use our own perfume?

Yes you can. Even covering with your own perfume doesn't affect the pheromones at all. Remember, it's the pheromones that are doing the work, not the scent. 

Are your perfumes scented?

Yes, they are.

How do pheromones smell like?

Pheromones are generally unscented, but there will be some vanilla scent from nude pheromones.

Ours, however, are formulated with essential oils and scent oils, hence there will not be pheromones detectable through smell. Some users with stronger sense of smell may be able to, though.

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