Do pheromones really attract men?

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There are 2 camps to this question that has been asking by people around the world for the past decade (or two), and even though both sides have been trying to seek evidence, we know that evidence is as clear as the magnet's attraction force - nobody can see anything, but we know because we feel the force. 

It's very much the same with pheromones - we can't see a thing, nor can be find any literal evidence proving any effects. Yet, the literal presence is there for us to find out. The molecular structures have been understood, and the presence of them in various discharge from our body.

The first question - as someone who always believe that there is a reason for every thing that is present - I would urge you to ask is this: 

If pheromones are not suppose to work, why would mother nature give us the biological function to excrete them? 

I have been dealing with pheromone perfumes long before I am selling them, and since it's very much one-sided, I shall not share what I have experienced. Well, anyone could have point their finger at me shouting "PLACEBO!"

But let me share some stories of what many partners of female pheromone users have shared with me. Basically boyfriend and husband of female pheromone perfume users, since we're on the subject of whether pheromone perfumes affect/attract men.

One I would always put in the first story to tell is this:

1) A female user of pheromone perfume bought a bottle from us, and was excitedly sharing with her husband on how it was supposed to work. The husband, being somewhat cynical yet interested to know more (we figured he was thinking of using it himself for some attraction purpose). That first evening the husband sniffed the perfume and couldn't find what was special. In the course of it, he applied some on his wrists before going to bed. 

Later in the night, as told to us by the two of them, the husband was sub-consciously grabbing the hands of his wife, putting them to his nose and sniffing it. Sub-conscious. Not knowing what he was doing. 

Then as the night progress into the morning, he had a wet dream, and he soiled his underwear. Note what I have been trying to tell you: it's sub-conscious. He didn't know what was happening as he was sleeping, but his biological mating instincts kicked in, and he had a orgasm while asleep. 

In case if you are curious, yes, he's our customer now.

2) A test-user of our female pheromone perfume (we arranged for a man to test our female perfumes, because we wanted to know how the formulations for women would affect men) reported women on the streets were prettier than he would visually see them to be. That's because our perfume he was testing was formulated to block men's ability to judge a woman's look. 

Without the hindrance of looks' judgement, women appear more attractive to men in mysterious ways no one would be able to comprehend. And yes, he was having a boner whole week (it was a week long test)

3) A 10 year old couple thought of using pheromone formulated perfumes for their inter-relationship seduction, because things were going so dull. And so they did - they each got perfumes for sexual seduction. 

2 weeks later, the man reported that he found his wife more attractive, and he was always ready to do things that'll touch his wife, while the wife reported that her mood had been good whenever she's around her husband. Their frequency of sex increased, and their relationship surely did. 

Effects of pheromones can be disputed, but the results cannot. Placebo can happen on individuals, but not the person out of the user. 


Yes, pheromones DO attract men. But if you are talking about attracting someone out of your already-intimate circle, there are more things that you need to be aware of what you need to use and do in terms of attraction. Supposedly you are a woman talking about attracting a man, and not man and man.

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