You’ve gotten her number, and secured a date with her. You know it was never a problem for you to do just that. You’re an Alpha. You know what you want, and you take charge.

But what’s going to happen after? Are you going to meet again? Or are you even going to progress to somewhere more than a dinner and a movie in the same evening? Will a second date be possible?

Multiple first dates that lead to nowhere are tiring, and we know that. And we are not going to allow things to take their nature courses, because we are the ones who create them. It’s in our hands, and we do what we’ll have to in order to secure a second date.

So what do you have to do to put yourself in her list of “to-call” instead of the list “hell no”?


We cannot stress this enough, and no, in case you are wondering, it’s more than just pheromones that we are talking about.

No woman wants to be near a man who smells like Parmesan cheese. If you don’t have the habit of showering often, then do it at least before the date. Covering your body with perfumes instead of showering will only make you the sour milk that has been in the cabinet for the past decade, so don’t.

Put on your best clothes. Google is your friend if you are weak in the dressing department. Boost yourself with few sprays of ETCH Pheromone Perfume (coming soon. Stay with us!) or Alpha Male, and you’re good to go.


Women are circuit boards – it takes many connections in their senses to turn them on. No man should forget this: a brilliant conversationalist strikes the best impressions.

It helps to have some opinions of your own as you speak with her – it shows that you are someone with your unique point of view in life. Being witty adds points to the game, but we are not telling you to throw your feelings in her face about how you feel victimized by your boss at work. That makes you a pussy that women abhor.

Whiners don’t win, and Alphas don’t whine.

Ask her questions about her job, her hobbies, and keep her talking. You don’t have to worry about being one sided, because women are good at conversational continuity. If you find yourself engaging in a conversation with only you talking, at least you know it’s either a) she’s shy, or b) she’s not from the same wavelength as you. Ask her straight up if you think it’s the earlier.

If the later is the case, know that even securing a second date isn’t going to be fun.


This shouldn’t be on the list, because you should already be nice with or without a date to impress. If you are not, time to be.

She’s watching your moves, checking out who you really are underneath that smart attire and weirdly attractive scent. If you are nice to people around you, including wait staffs, she’ll know how sweet a person you are. That’s impressive.  


High risk, yet yields great results if you play your cards right.

We’re not suggesting that you should get touchy-feely – you’re asking for a slap in your face if you do (and if your date is not comfortable with that).

Touchy, yes. Feely, let’s leave that out. And by touchy, we’re not saying you should rub her arms with your palms to appreciate the smoothness of her skin.

Occasional touch – non-sexual, accidental ones – are sensual. During movies, walking down the streets, or even through dinner, get close to her until the point where your arms are brushing, are exciting. Discreet grazes can build unthinkable tension in her, and that’s what you want her to feel – anxious and excited without knowing how to react. If she doesn’t squirm, you’ll know that your scorecard is looking good.

Remember not to overdo it though. Too much and you’ll be the creepy pervert she’ll not answer calls from.

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