CoPassion Review From a Male Tester

We were excited to lay our hands on the first bottles of CoPassion and OverHeat when they were first formulated and ready to be tested. We were asked to through using and testing find out what these two long awaited formulations could do. When Andy first handed the roll-ons to me and my wife, all we were told was "CoPassion for Female, man to test. OverHeat for Male, woman to test". 

Wait, what? 

"CoPassion for Female, but it'll be tested by a man, and OverHeat for Male, to be tested by a woman?" I asked to make sure we did not hear it wrongly. 

"Yeah." Andy said without a hint of confusion on his face. "Tracey will test OverHeat, and Ray will test CoPassion."

We did as we were told, never mind how weird it sounded. The next morning, I applied on CoPassion and headed to work, while my wife Tracey applied OverHeat and went on with her day. As much as I was interested to know how CoPassion could do, the smell of Copulins - one of the ingredients in the perfume - was a little weird (not nasty, though) for me to get used to it in the first hour of using. 

My office sits along a walkway with passersby walking up and down, and occasionally, passersby will become our customers, and the alternate name for my office is what usually we would call: shop. 

The first day with CoPassion on me feels...weird? Now, I'll try to be as honest in this review as possible, so please trust me when I say I'm telling the truth. How weird, you ask? Well...


I couldn't believe Andy when he told me one of the effects of copulins was blocking a man's ability to judge a woman's looks. But the first day alone shocked me. 

That's not to say all women appeared pretty. If she's below average looking to average, she'd look average to beautiful to me. Talk about having beer goggles, but I did not drink a drop of beer down my throat at all.

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It may be placebo - I thought so too. So after 3rd day of testing, I decided to cheat a bit by going without CoPassion for the fourth day. Ok, I swear average = average, pretty = pretty, and I'm not joking here. No judgement elevation. Not wanting to give up, I used CoPassion for the fifth day. Goggles mode on. Damn it. 

I SMS-ed Andy on my finding almost immediately.


To put things into perspectives, I am a pretty nice 37 year old guy who would not hesitate to know what I want, but I would take a step back if I were to say something offensive to anyone. I just don't have the heart to hurt anyone using words or fists. 

During that week of using CoPassion, I spoke my mind more often than I would in, say, 1 month? 

There was even once during the test week that I was speaking with customers until my colleagues had to stop me from speaking further because it was time to go home. Talk about a subconscious raise in testosterone level. I noticed the change only when my colleagues were telling me how good I was at sales recently, and believe me, I'm not a sales man. 


I'm already at the age of 37 - boners should come lesser than when I was in my 20s. But the copulins were messing my mind in a way that...never mind. Just know that I got turned on quite easily. Luckily I was at work - there were many things to distract my mind. But still, that was something I felt messed up about. 


The test formulations we were given were of a different scent from the final product, but still it was pretty pleasant (save for the scent of copulins). Because it came in a 5ml roll-on bottle, I had it with me in my pocket just so I could... yes I know I didn't have to, but still, re-apply when I felt the need to. 

It soon became a habit to unscrew the cap, took a sniff, and cap it back before keeping it in my pocket. The smell of copulins suddenly didn't matter anymore. I didn't know why, but there just was this sudden high when I sniffed it. I then thought it'll be nice to let Tracey use it one night. 

That night, I snucked my nose up her neck many times where she applied the CoPassion just to get a sniff of her scent (the perfume's scent changes when it comes into contact with human's skin, and Tracey had her own signature scent with CoPassion), and man it felt good, emotionally and biologically. I sniffed her neck so many times that it led us to... you know where we "went to".


This perfume kicks ass. I don't know how other pheromone perfumes would fare - after all, I'm not a pheromone perfume user before Andy Lawson Pheromone Perfumes came into the market. But I believe this proprietary formula is something that we shouldn't miss.

Launching July 2015? I'm already in the reservation list!

- Ray, CoPassion test user, male

*Article moderated and edited by Andy before publishing

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