SBILANT M Pheromone Perfume for Men

Andy Lawson

SBILANT M Pheromone Perfume for men 

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25ml, drip application

♂️ Formulated in Russia, formula from France

♂️ Low alcohol content

♂️ Lasts 8 hours in humid climate, before requiring reapplication

♂️ Very positive user reports

♂️ Increases women's perception of attractiveness by up to 8 times

♂️ Increases women's attention

♂️ Subtle alpha vibe

♂️ Creates trust in others

♂️ Improves likability

♂️ Unbelievably potent. Formulated with the rarest pheromones.


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The perfume not for the inexperienced players.

The best perfumes are never the cheapest. You know you want it. If not from us, who else?

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