Signs That The Woman Is Into You

It's Saturday evening. You put on your best, shaved, sprayed on your Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume that you're hoping that will help you score tonight, in whichever pub/bar you think has the most ladies to choose from. But you're at the same time, afraid. 

What are the cues I have to catch? Will I know if I'm going forward, or actually going back? Will the perfume help me? Have I applied the right amount I need? Do I need to apply more? Should I use OverHeat?

Relax, gentlemen. We know that hints from women can be very subtle. But, there must be a way to know more, right? 


When a woman comes close to you, she wants attention from you. Think it this way: you won't be standing close to someone, especially someone from the opposite sex, if you are uncomfortable. 

If she's near you, and rubbing her arms on yours, you know you're having a hit.


Nobody - repeat - nobody stares into one's eyes for nothing. Forget about the rules of polite, sincere communications - it gets uncomfortable when we stare into each other's eyes for too long. We look away when eye contacts stay too long, and that's human nature. If she'd looked at you once before you look away, and doesn't look back, she's not interested.

But if, after breaking eye contact, and she's staring into your eyes for longer than it takes to feel comfortable the next time your eyes meet, she's looking into your soul. And chances are high she's interested in looking into your soul. Just pray she's not going to take away your soul, though.

#3 SHE LOOK AWAY (but is still close to you)

This can be contradicting, and hard to notice. But when a woman is standing so near that she's rubbing her arms (see #1) on yours, yet look away, she's interested but nervous. 

A customer of ours had an incident similar to this: she walked up to him, stopped right in front of him but had her body facing the other direction. She was so near that her arms were touching his. Geez. That's sign of flirtation already!

The reason behind her being nervous? Well, our customer had Alpha Male on him. The perfume of dominance. It's only natural for women to feel jumpy; that's because you're sexy.


Most women - we're sorry, ladies, but it's true - aren't good at attracting attention. And when they do try to catch your eye, they can be real cute. Brain vomits or funny gestures, in the sight of no one but you, you know she wants you to look at her.


It's not a proprietary right of men to feel the frustration when things don't go their way. Women do, too. 

If you notice #4 happening, and it took you longer than what she had expected to realise what she was doing, she'll show her frustration to you by being cold to you suddenly. 

A straight drop in her attention? Well, she's into you if there are no other Alpha Male users around you. 


When a woman gets near you, and there are more reasons for her to be away, say, her friends ask for her to join another table, and she chooses to stay with you for reasons such as your table is nicer, she's into you. 

But we're not saying it's that way if she talks to your friend more. She's into your friend in that case.


But that comes with a "I'm just kidding you" if you react with a surprised look. Be cool, boy, be cool. She wants to be respected also. Get her cue, and reciprocate in a relax manner. After all, you're an Alpha, right?

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