MAGNET Pack - Tell your man what to do

Andy Lawson

1 x 10ml of CoPassion Pheromone Perfume and 1 x 5ml Alpha Female Pheromone Perfume bundled.

We heard what you're thinking. Pull your man towards you with this combination. Subtle hints of your desire to dominate with Alpha Female, and make them do your bidding with CoPassion. You'll make your man listen.

CoPassion Pheromone Perfume

The ultimate pheromone perfume for sexual attraction, for women's use to sexually attract men. CoPassion maximises the mating potentials of human's primitive nature, and blocks men's ability to judge a woman's attractiveness based on her looks alone. Also tested to subconsciously raise testosterone levels in men by 100+%.

Reported to be capable of inducing wet dreams to men sleeping beside wearers of CoPassion. Increases your man's sexual desire. A great product to heat things up without the need for a stove or oven.

Alpha Female Pheromone Perfume

Formulated with a proprietary blend of reagent grade human pheromones, this perfume attracts through your confidence, dominance, and inspires desire to obey from your social circle. Perfect perfume for all social settings.

Covert seduction. Feminine yet dominating. Flirtatious. Brings out the elegance in you. 

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