CHIVALRY Pack - You know subtlety

Andy Lawson

1 x 5ml of OverHeat Pheromone Perfume and 1 x 5ml Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume bundled. Pocket friendly and easy to apply anytime when opportunity comes. Good for beginners who like to progress slow without paying too much.

Subtlety is key.

OverHeat Pheromone Perfume for Men

The sexual fire starter, in bedroom and out. For men's use to ignite the sexual desires in women, and a good kick starter for the actions that'll follow. Formulated with a proprietary blend of pheromones to initiate women's primitive mating needs, OverHeat Pheromone Perfume makes you the strong and healthy man that every woman wants to be touching skin to skin with.

Increases women's sexual desire, bringing you both from cuddles to actions. Heating things up faster than the stove in your kitchen.

Tested and reported to increase sexual desires in women. When used in social settings such as pubs and bars, it is reported that men with OverHeat Pheromone Perfume had higher chances with women older than them. 

When worn on women, it is reported that women with OverHeat Pheromone Perfume applied on them felt more calm and assured, and the number of times they had sexual thoughts increased.

Alpha Male Pheromone Perfume

Formulated with a proprietary blend of reagent grade pheromones, this perfume brings you the confidence you'll ever need to portray, and seduces with your unique vibe of dominance that inspire desire to obey from your social circle. Perfect perfume for all social settings.

Subtle attraction. Leaders are hot; know that. Take charge, be in control. 

You create your own chances. Buy now.

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